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Bob’s Watches

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Providing Smart App Solutions

Presenting our latest app capable of serving a useful purpose while chatting on WhatsApp, Facebook, Gmail, Instagram, and other social platforms. The application is CHATMIC- Voice TO Text(For WhatsApp, FB, Gmail etc.)

Download the app and speak the desired message you want to send, the same will be converted to text. This helps us to save time by avoiding writing long messages and emails. We have to just utter our message and this app translates the same into text. This is a smooth running easy to use the app.

This can be used for Facebook messenger as well.

Click below to Download this Amazing app:  CHATMIC- Voice TO Text(For WhatsApp, FB, Gmail etc.)

 Lightning QR Scanner

This another very useful app works in a blink of an eye to get the text link result for you. So that you can get the web info or any other address info from it. Lightning QR scanner is the fastest QR scanner. Reap the benefits of this application by scanning QR code from anywhere and get promotions and coupons. It only accesses the camera of the phone; it is a very safe and secure app and does not affect your private data. You can download this app on Android phones.

Prominent Features:

  • Just move the camera to focus on the QR code object.
  • Once the QR code is decoded you can browse the product information and promotions being offered on the products.
  • While using the app at night, turn on the flashlight available within the app.

Click here to Download this Amazing app: Lightning QR Scanner


Photo to Text (Converts documents and Images to text format)

Photo to Text Scanner is the foremost scanner with High Quality and high accuracy among all Android apps. The app provides the facility to convert photo/text into hard code text Result.

At some point when someone demands a text instead of a full image, we have to write whole wordings that are present on the image file. But, with the assistance of Photo to Text app, you can simply click the image of your document file and can send text anywhere on any social media app as well.

At times it is very hard to access any URL, address or phone number, In this case, photo to text will be very cooperative, just click the image of that URL or address of the image, the Phone to Text will automatically convert that image into Text format. This is an extremely user-friendly app.

The image can be selected from the phone gallery or can be taken at the moment you wish to convert it to text. The converted text can be amended later as well.

Click Here to Download this Amazing App: Photo To Text(Convert any Doc,Image 2 Text format)